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Dissertation Topics on Fake News

Fake news is the process of giving wrong information to the public. The main purpose of the fake news is to destroy someone’s reputation. Jealousy can also be one of the factors behind spreading fake news. If you do not like someone, you can spread all sorts of things about that person so that the reputation of that person is tarnished. And as soon as that is done, you can take that person’s place. 

  • Did Donald Trump win the 2016 election through fake news?

Even today, people are divided as to whether the 2016 elections were fair or not. It can be due to the fake news that was spread all across the United States. The purpose of this dissertation is to find out whether the 2016 elections were fair or not.

  • How is the fake news related to the advertising revenue?

To make the advertising more believable, fake news is used. It is to make space for the alternative facts that can support the advertising. Hence, it is in favor of the advertisers to spread the fake news, as they earn revenue from it. Recently, Facebook and Google have tried to ban fake news by stopping false advertising. Therefore, a relationship between fake news and advertising revenue exists, and the purpose of this dissertation is to investigate that.

  • How is fake news related to social media?

Since the advent of social media, the disease of fake news has been spreading. Before social media, the fake news was quite rare. It is due to the power of social media to spread the news within seconds that the fake news uses them. In the recent year, Facebook has acted against the fake news, but still, there are tons of other social media applications which are used by the advertiser to publish their fake news and earn revenue from it. This dissertation is used to find out if the fake news is related to social media or not.

  • Is it because of fake news that Islamic Extremism has increased?

It is a fact that social media platforms contributed greatly to converting young, innocent people to terrorists. The social media platforms were used for their recruitment as well. All of this used to happen due to the fake news. Hence this dissertation would find out if the fake news is responsible for the increase in Islamic Extremism or not.

  • How has the fake news evolved?

Throughout history, fake news is used to influence people. In 1835, the fake news was spread by using newspapers during the Great Moon Hoax. Yellow journalism publishers were used to spreading fake news while the Spanish-American War was going on. Hence this dissertation will let us understand how the fake news started.


To understand the fake news, we will need to understand its origin, history and its relation to social media and advertisers. Then only we can grasp the mystery of fake news. Fake news is a reality, and we all need to play our parts to suppress this demon of fake news. Feel free to visit Thesis Geek if you need urgent help with your dissertation on fake news or any other type of academic paper.