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Doctoral thesis summary:
10 things you need to know

When you set out to write the summary for your doctoral paper, you can be sure that it holds extreme importance. The summary appears at the start of your work and offers the readers a clear understanding of the subject you are researching while, at the same time, providing a solid reason to keep on reading. Thus, this section of your paper needs to be interesting and unique and capture the attention of your target audience.

Reel In Your Readers

  1. The opening sentence of the summary of your paper must offer a captivating reason for the readers to pursue the rest of the content. This is possible by mentioning a possible problem in the present research that you hope to rectify in the course of your doctoral paper.
  2. You should never adopt any sort of gimmicky or flowery language while writing the beginning sentence of the introduction.
  3. Keep the language straightforward and factual and you will find that the readers are actually interested to know more.

Edit Your Statement

  1. In your summary, the second sentence must serve as a recap of sorts for the statement of your doctoral paper.
  2. It is best to use language that is precise when restating your thesis since it becomes safe to assume that the readers of your paper are familiar with the happenings in your subject and will have enough knowledge to follow the basic premise.

Make a Summary of Your Conclusions

  1. The final couple of sentences in your summary must be capable of providing a brief but clear idea about the objectives and research methodologies that have been used by you for the purpose of research along with the major contributions or outcomes of your paper.
  2. You should refrain from using technical jargon while stating your conclusions and your methods.
  3. When you are citing the sources that impacted your paper, do not directly quote any of the sources in the summary.

Various Factors at Play

  • It is a well-known fact that summaries are always meant to be brief and not too long. You have to ensure that the summary of your paper contains all the important information pertaining to your research and highlight the points that separate it from existing body of work on the topic.
  • Due to the fact that papers are likely to shift focus in the course of research, it would be easier if you wrote your summary once you had completed making all the necessary changes to your paper.