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Construction Management Dissertation Topics and Building Studies Dissertations

The process of the dissertation can be tedious, and the best way of producing a perfect and well-structured dissertation is to spend ample time on it. The first step, however, is to select a topic for the dissertation. The topic of the dissertation should be chosen after conducting some research. If you do not conduct proper research and choose a topic just because the people around you are talking about it, it will not help you out in the long run. The topic that you select should be following your interest. If you choose a topic but have no interest in it, you might end up creating trouble for yourself. There are various areas to cover while writing the dissertation for construction management, such as planning, architecture, engineering, and construction law. Some of the topics provided by writing experts from dissertationteam are mentioned below:

  1. Explain if the sustainability within the property industry has suffered due to the economic crisis?
  2. How does knowledge management impact the construction Industry? 
  3. Discuss the Photovoltaic industry of the United Kingdom. Does it follow the regulations set by the government?
  4. What is the closeout process, and how effective is it? 
  5. In the property led regeneration, how influential is the private sector?
  6. List down some of the school projects that are based on the sustainable construction
  7. In the construction projects, explain the causes of choosing the timber as a structural component.
  8. How much is the Timber Frame Construction prone to the threat of fire in the United Kingdom? 
  9. Is the client’s design choice affected by the environmental assessment methods?
  10. Can the sense of community of a neighbourhood get influenced by the built environment?
  11. Will there be any consequences if renewable energy is combined with the national electricity grid? 
  12. Can the charm of the city remain unharmed if there is an urban space created? 
  13. Compare the United Kingdom and Germany based on the policies produced by both the countries for sustainable design and construction.
  14. Discuss the usefulness of the contractor prequalification in PPP/PFI projects.
  15. Discuss how the design and build incorporates the building information modelling effectively
  16. Discuss if, inside the construction project management, the Prince2 methodology is considered a useful tool.
  17. Examine how much would it cost in the United Kingdom to construct green buildings?
  18. Examine the impact that the photovoltaic power generation will have on the environment in the United Kingdom.
  19. Explain how within the construction industry would the tablet computer provide positive technological transformation effectively


If you are planning on producing a dissertation that is based on construction management, you will need to understand the basic concepts of construction management in detail. The next step would be to choose a topic from this vast subject. The topic that you choose should be popular and interesting at the same time. Do not choose a dull topic just because it is popular or vice versa. Producing a perfect is difficult but not impossible if you work hard on it.