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Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Getting a graduation degree is a must before you become a successful nurse. And to get a degree, you will need to get admission to the university. And to get admission to the university, you will need to write a dissertation. Therefore, writing a dissertation is of extreme importance for a nurse. Firstly, if you are willing to become a nurse, you will need to select a topic for your dissertation. The topic that you select must be based on something that you have an idea about. It should not be something entirely new. 

Secondly, the topic that you select must be interesting. If the topic that you choose is dull and boring, you will not enjoy the process of writing your dissertation. If you did not enjoy writing the dissertation, you would end up writing a mediocre dissertation that could affect your admission to the university. A few topics are given below from which you can choose the one you like the most.

  1. After a woman suffers from a miscarriage, how to help her recover from the mental health issues?
  2. Why are the athletes suffering from mental health issues related to eating disorders? How to help them out?
  3. List down all the mental health issues that are dealt with by the nurses
  4. Are car accidents in the United Kingdom increasing due to mental health issues?
  5. How can the digital device assist in understanding the mental health issues of the patients?
  6. If there is a patient who has just been saved from a suicide attempt, how will you help him/her out?
  7. If thin women gain weight during their pregnancy, what are the possible mental health issues they would face?
  8. Is it possible in the United Kingdom to normalize mental health nurses?
  9. Explain the procedure of helping a soldier deal with his or her mental health issues
  10. Are mental health issues becoming the major reason for suicides?
  11. List down the challenges faced by the British mental health nurses
  12. What are dual mental alignments? How to help patients who are facing this problem?
  13. Explain the skills required for the nurses who want to work as a mental health nurse
  14. Are there any job satisfaction issues faced by the nurses? If so, please elaborate.
  15. List down all the qualities of a mental health professional
  16. How can the nurses assess the emotional state of the patients?
  17. Do patients who are suffering from mental health issues face certain ethical issues?
  18. List down all the strategies that can help the patients overcome stress and anxiety
  19. List down all the food items that are considered healthy for patients suffering from mental health issues.
  20. Does dementia worsen the condition of the patients suffering from mental health issues?
  21. How important is communication in the healthcare system?


Therefore, the nurses need to work hard and produce a great dissertation if they want to get an admission into the university. They should perform a lot of research before writing the dissertation and improve their writing style.